Community Gate Pass Management System

We ensures that only visitors, delivery executives and daily staff approved by residents gain access to the premises, enhancing security and safety for the whole community.

In-OUT Gatepass

Community Gate Pass

The Onestop Community Gate pass also known as society management software helps communities run seamless, make them smart and go paperless. The housing society software raises the security and safety standards of the society, simplifies the work of management committee members and most importantly provides a better community experience for their residents.

The apartment / societies management software completely automates the processes and makes the system transparent. It provides true convenience to the residents of society.

Society Management Software makes the communication between residents and the main gate easy. It enables residents to notify guards that they are expecting a visitor or delivery and guards to seek the permission of a resident when someone comes unannounced.

Gate Pass Work Flow

Features of Onestop Community Gate Pass Software

Onestop society management software helps residents in managing the entry of visitors / deliveries / house helps / cabs in a single click from their mobile phone. For this you just need to download app, register yourself and turn on the notify feature.

Visitor Management – Onestop community gate pass system / software replaces the telephonic and logbook registrations of visitors. The system make it easy for residents to verify and approve their visitors. Also residents can make a preapproval on the app.

The process is quite simple and just a click away. Residents receive a notification on their phone, requesting them to approve their entry. One click and your visitors are in.

Communication Management - Onestop security gatepass software provides you all the tools you need to streamline communication with residents, with forums. It also lets you make calendar invites and polls. It also acts as a quick feedback tool.

Daily Staff Management - Finding a daily help, managing their attendance and paying their salaries can become quite easy with onestop apartment management software.

• The app makes it easier for residents by sending them notifications of the arrival of maids, nannies and other helps.

• It also provides the attendance review of daily helps.

• Resident can rate and review daily helps. With these crowd-sourced daily help reviews, your home will always be in safe hands.

Gate Pass Features

Delivery Management –Onestop community gatepass software makes all deliveries hassle free by simplifying the process for residents, the security guard and even the delivery executive. Resident can also auto approve entries.

Parking Space Management – Guard can track, the visitor vehicular movements and accordingly can assigned the parking slots to the visitors seeing the remaining slots through dynamic updates on the app.

Amenities Booking - The app can help implement a passcode based system to restrict usage to residents and their guests, further enhancing the safety of the society. Residents can book clubhouse amenities as and when required. Also, app can provide a good understanding of the usage trends, and can help you decide with the future requirements. It can even resolve issues that may crop up from time to time.

Resolve Society Complaints - Managing community issues and complaints of residents can be very time-consuming. With security management software, the committee members can easily resolve complaints.

• By quickly assigning matters to the facility manager or technician, On the other hand, the technician receives an SMS as soon as one is assigned, and both the committee and resident are informed.

• The management committee and residents can also get real-time updates on the ticket by the facility manager, so everyone is aware. This keeps everyone on the same page and reduces the number of escalations.

Accounts & Payments – Onestop community management software can easily manage apartment accounts in one dashboard.

• Our apartment accounting software offers multiple options for invoice generation, the ability to capture various payment types, real-time reports, and the ability to make online payments.

• The software too allow society residents to make electricity and maintenance payments. With onestop housing society accounting software, the payment collection gets quicker and smoother.

• Residents can also view/download all their receipts and admins using the apartment accounting software.

Multi Property Management – With Onestop you can manage all your properties in real-time in one dashboard.

Benefits of Community Gate Pass Software

• Enhances overall security & convenience.

• Makes entry exit process hassle free for all your visitors.

• Ensure secure and smooth deliveries for the entire community through multiple smart workflows, thus simplifying the process for residents, the security guard and even the delivery executives.

• The community gatepass software provide all the assistance you need with your daily help.

• Community issues and complaints of residents can be easily managed with Onestop community gatepass software. The committee members can easily assign matters to the facility manager or technician, and get real-time updates.

• Society Management Software brings security and convenience to the clubhouse, too. Societies can ensure the club area is restricted to residents and their guests. Software too can help you understand the usage trends, and too can help in implementing a slot booking feature for certain facilities.

• The Community gate pass system too helps management in managing all their properties in real time.

• Also helps in managing accounts on a single dashboard.

• Get real-time updates on support tickets.

• Importantly keeps the community on the same page.

Note: Onestop also offers residential communities the option of integrating hardware security solutions, such as biometrics and boom barriers, with software security solutions for comprehensive defense.