Meet the #1 All-In-One School Management System with 50+ Modules

Why OneStop School Management

Single Solution

A One Stop Solution with more than 40 Modules.


A Complete Learning Management System including subject groups, assignments with onscreen marking, online tests, report cards and attendance

Financial Suite

Integrated suite of Financial Applications for Fee Collection, Payroll processing, Accounting and Budgeting.

Analytics And Graphical Dashboards

All your data can be viewed in numerous drill down reports and graphical dashboards.

Complete CRM

Skolao has a Complete CRM which covers everything from enquiry till admission and integrated with all social media platforms to track enquiries.

Multi-Role Supportive

OneStop is Hierarchical, Rights-Manageable and Multi-Role Supportive.

Centralized Management

Manage your Chain of Institutes from a Single Login with drill down functionality to view consolidated report across all schools.

Dynamic Report

A simple Drag and Drop functionality to create any report in any format. Also automatically email Timed Reports to Management.

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