Gate Pass Management System for Visitors, Materials & Vehicles

We offer you with our digital gate pass software which enables you to manage and keep digital records of all the material getting in and out of your premises in the most convenient manner.

In-OUT Gatepass

Gate Pass

Gate Pass Management System or Visitor Management system is an application available on OneStop for the online entry of visitors, vehicles and materials coming in and out of the company premises.

Making manual visitor’s entries or tracking material shipments manually at a factory is quite tedious, time-consuming and needs lot of documentation. However, with One Stop Gate Pass Software, you can easily get rid of all these paper logs and keep track of the vehicles, visitors and materials from start to finish.

The process of creating a gate pass is quite simple and can be done by anyone. You can add or remove approvers as needed, view material and vehicle photos, issue alerts and reminders, and look at thorough reports and statistics anywhere on all the devices.

Returnable and non-returnable passes can also be generated using Gate Pass Software. When a returnable gatepass is issued, the pass management system records the original gate pass transaction so that the record of awaiting returnable information may be easily obtained.

The Gate Pass system helps in keeping your organization secure. It maintains confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality.

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Gate Pass Work Flow


Some of the features of One Stop Global Gate Pass are.

1. Scheduling - The system aids in the orderly scheduling of vehicles, which improves the organization's operational operations and boosts efficiency

2. Identification - The visitor management system keeps track of visitors' identities and saves their photos for future use

3. Monitoring - The Gate Pass system effectively monitors user traffic and wait times, making all of the business's tasks easier

4. Notifications- The Gate Pass management system sends a notification to the host with the visitor's details and arrival time. Visitor or vehicle admission is only permitted with the permission of the host.

5. In & Out Time Recording- To enhance organizational procedures, correct in & out visitor, timings is recorded.

6. Real-time Reports – The system creates real-time web-based reports that can be accessed at any time.

Gate Pass Features


One Stop Gate Pass Software has an easy-to-use, interactive user interface that adds to your organization's security mechanism. It is incredibly valuable to all types of organizations, no matter how big or little they are.

1. The Gate Pass Management System software helps in keeping organization's assets safe by keeping track of every visitors, vehicles and materials entry and exit.

2. Prevents unauthorized access to your logical and physical assets

3. Boosts efficiency and accelerates the growth of your business

About Gate Pass Software

The requirement of gatepass varies from company to company. So, the data to be entered in the pass varies too. One Stop global Gate Pass Software is completely customizable. Fields can be added or removed to gather diverse data, for your specific business needs.

You have complete control over the workflow. Once a gate pass request is submitted, it must be approved by multiple layers of authority. For particular policy requirements, our gate pass management system may simply be designed to add/remove anyone at several levels for simultaneous or sequential approvals.

Take as many pictures as you want. Track the substance at any point during its journey. Keep track of material quantities, a photograph of the material, the vendor's photo ID, serial numbers, and other specifications as needed. QR codes are a type of barcode that helps to identify the material.

When it comes to automating a gate pass operation, alerts and notifications are essential. Alerts and reminders can be delivered to and from initiators, approvers, vendors, security, and the receiver through mobile and email. If a returnable item is not returned, by the due date, you can quickly escalate the situation.

Each material at every stage of the gate pass process may be easily identified by all parties involved in a digital material gate pass management programme. Before digitally approving a material, approvers might look at photos of it. They can be identified using barcode or QR code scanners by dispatch employees or recipients.

Throughout the process, every material gate pass data is turned into different MIS reports and analytics. They can assist you in making well-informed judgments. You can easily check, for example, you can quickly see how many materials are out for intra-company transfer, how many are due back by a specific date, and so on.

Every step of the gate pass workflow is carried out in real-time. From start to finish, track the live movements of each material in the gate pass process at numerous branches and locations, obtain updates, and access real-time statistics and analytics.