Gate Pass Management System for Visitors, Materials & Vehicles

We offer you with our digital gate pass software which enables you to manage and keep digital records of all the material getting in and out of your premises in the most convenient manner.

In-OUT Gatepass

Monitor and manage what comes in and goes out of your gate!

OneStop Global is a Gate Pass Management Software that monitors and maintains the record of materials, visitors, and company vehicles. Both inward and outward movement is tracked and recorded for future references. Efficient gate pass management not only boosts the security aspect of a business but also ensures that there is a written record of all the business activities through the gate.

OneStop Software Dashboard

Manage Returnable and non-returnable passes

The online gate pass management system allows you a comprehensive solution for gate pass management. You can easily maintain and monitor both Returnable and non-returnable pass types and create accurate records. The gate passes record both inward and outward movement which boosts efficiency. When it is a returnable pass, the gate management system makes an entry about the original gate pass transaction so that the record of pending returnable details are easy to procure.


Out Gate Pass

Anything that goes out of your business premises must be recorded. OneStop Global maintains record of all material ingress.


In Gate Pass

Record and monitor all the items coming in your premises with OneStop Global. Accurate entries of receivables and returnable with reference to the original transaction.