Material Gate Pass Management System: Smarter way to manage your Materials & Business operations

Materials are critical part of every organization and managing them manually is quite tedious. But now manage returnable and non-returnable materials effortlessly with Onestop Material GatePass management system.

In-OUT Gatepass
  • Track and record movements of material with ease
  • Escalate mails to department heads
  • Increases productivity
  • Optimize workflows

OneStop Material Management is a comprehensive web-based software designed to streamline your material and asset management needs. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, it is the perfect solution to keep track of materials moving in and out of the facility.

Whether you're in hospitality or manufacturing, the Material Management software can help you reduce material loss, prevent unauthorized access to materials, optimize workflows, increase profitability and have complete control over your materials and assets.

Features of Material GatePass Management System

Material Tracking

  • Record the movement of materials moving in and out of the facility
  • Tracks returnable and non-returnable materials with RGP (Returnable Gate Pass) and NRGP (Non Returnable Gate Pass)
  • Reduces the need for manual record-keeping
  • Increases accuracy

Barcode scanning

  • By using barcode scanning technology, materials and assets can be quickly and easily identified
  • Improves data accuracy and eliminates manual data entry
  • Reduces the time and effort required to manually identify materials and assets
  • Enables businesses to track materials and assets more effectively

Real-time monitoring of inventory levels

  • Provides real-time data on inventory levels to help manage stock levels effectively
  • Identify inefficiencies and allow users to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations
  • Helps optimize inventory levels, reducing inventory holding costs and improving cash flow.

Digital gate pass creation

  • Allows businesses to create custom gate pass workflows that meet their specific requirements
  • Streamlines gate pass management by automating workflows, reducing manual effort and errors

Multi-level approval workflows

  • Enables businesses to set up multi-level approval workflows to ensure higher levels of security and accuracy
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorized access to materials and assets
  • Improves compliance with internal policies and external regulations

Mobile access for on-the-go tracking and management

  • The Material GatePass management system is cloud based so materials can be tracked and managed on-the-go, remotely
  • Reduces the time required for approvals and enhances the efficiency of gate pass workflows

Digital signatures for approval and authentication

  • Enables secure, digital signature authentication for gate pass approval
  • Improves the efficiency of the gate pass approval process
  • Provides a secure and auditable record of approvals

Benefits of Material GatePass Management System

Helps in going paperless: There is no need for physical paper passes as the entire Material Gate Pass Management system is on Cloud

Provides more control over material movement: Before moving material from one place to another, specific authorizations are required. The authorities and approvers can be added or removed as required.

Makes Process Quick & Easily Accessible: Approvals can be done from anywhere in the world, Hence, makes the process more efficient and effective. The system eliminates the problem of a person's physical unavailability, which can otherwise cause delays.

Helps in creating different types Of Gate pass: A Material Gate Pass Management System helps to track both NRGP (Non-Returnable Gate Pass) and RGP (Returnable Gate Pass) types of gate passes. Additionally, any type of gate pass can be created based on the company requirement or material category.

Saves Time & Effort: The material gate pass management system offers instant notifications and alerts to keep the concerned person informed at every stage, eliminating the need for manual tracking. This feature simplifies the gate pass process and saves time and effort from raising a request to dispatching materials.

High Flexibility And Usability : A cloud-based material gate pass management system is highly flexible and easy to use compared to the manual process that involves paper passes or forms. The virtual passes can have fields added or removed as needed, hence reducing errors.

View images & approve Material- The system allows approvers to view images of materials before approving them, which is particularly useful for critical items that require physical examination. This feature saves time and streamlines the approval process.

Analytic Reports of materials: All data related to material gate passes is stored and can be analyzed anytime. For instance, how many non-returnable item gate passes were issued within a particular period, how many things are due for return on a specific date, etc. read more....

Workflow of OneStop Material GatePass Management System

Request: A request is made by the requester for the inward or outward movement of materials.

  • Role based requests can be set for various categories of assets
  • Multi level request authorisation
  • Material request and approvals can be configured parallely too
  • Map requests and approvals to department heads
  • Auto expiry of pending and approved requests is configurable

Approval: After the requester creates a pass, the request is forwarded to the relevant approver for approval or rejection.

  • Approvals can be role based or value based
  • Multi level approvals can be configured
  • Notification to Department Head
  • Record approver's signature & time of approval

Dispatch: Once the gate pass or delivery challan is approved, the material is dispatched through the security gate. This stage marks the material's exit from the organization. The dispatch can be done at multiple levels, ensuring complete security and accountability of the material being dispatched.

  • Materials can be completely dispatched, partially dispatched or cancelled
  • For added security, verification cab be done at multiple check points
  • Approver's signature capture can be captured at every stage
  • Role based dispatch option
  • Material dispatch verification at exit Gates
  • Gate pass designed for your business

After the material has been received, the receiver provides an acknowledgement receipt, and both the sender and receiver are notified through email or SMS.

Return: The final stage of the material gate pass workflow is the return stage, where all returnable items are tracked until their return. The system sends necessary reminders and escalations to ensure the timely return of the material.

  • Tracks returnable and non-returnable materials
  • Multi-level approval system for dispatches and receipts cab be set
  • Return can be Accepted or Rejected
  • For returnable gate passes, material due date iscaptured
  • Role based return approval and acknowledgement
  • Track Full and Partial returns
  • Reminders for pending returns
  • Acknowledgement for returns
  • Analytical reports on materials, contractors etc

Returnable Gate Pass

Returnable Gate Pass is issued when a material both exits the main gate and returns back to the company or when a material enters the main gate and then exits the main gate.

Returnable gate pass can have both inward and outward gate pass. Inward Returnable Gate Pass, is issued when a rented material enters the main gate and also exit once the rent is over. Example - Rental materials.

Outward Returnable Gate Pass Pass is issued when the materials of the company exits the main gate and returns back to the company. For instance, the company materials that need repair will be issued outward returnable gate pass.

Non-Returnable Gate Pass

Non-Returnable Gate Pass is issued when a material, only exits the main gate or only enters the main gate. It is not a two way process.

Note: Approval for non-returnable gate pass is mandatory. A non-returnable gate pass can also have both inward and outward gate pass.

Inward non-returnable gate pass is issued when a material enters the main gate and do not exits the gate. These materials are usually for company's use. Example - raw materials, consumables, and stationaries for use.

Outward non-returnable gate pass is issued only when a material exits the main gate. Examples are Goods for sales.

What’s Unique About OneStop Material Gate Pass Management System?

Easy to Use : OneStop Material Gate Pass Management Software automates a complicated process and, yet, it is extremely easy to use.

Reliable: The Material gate pass system is cloud based and quite reliable

Accountable: No tampering can be done by staff or guards. So, companies will have full accountability.

Secured Data: All data is continuously backed up, ensuring complete data security and guarantee.

Customizable: Material gate pass software is highly customizable, and features can be easily added or modified to meet specific needs.