Visitor management System :Streamline your security with our Digital Visitor Management System

Enhance your facility's security and create a seamless visitor experience with OneStop Digital Visitor Management System.

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The visitor management system digitally tracks and manages guests who enter your workplace. This includes various tasks such as Sign-in, Registration, Safety & Security, Tracking, Compliance regulations, and more, which may vary based on the organization’s facility, industry, and visitor scenarios. The ultimate goal of onestop visitor management is to ensure the safety and security of everyone on the premises while providing a positive experience for visitors.

The Visitor Pass System offers real-time tracking, automated check-in, and advanced security features to give you complete control over your visitors and their activities. Its a highly flexible platform designed to replace all manual, paper-based visitor entry methods.

OneStop Visitor Management Software (VMS), in addition to a highly intuitive web-based interface, guarantees total facility security by tracking all visitors entering and exiting the premises.

Features of Visitor Management System

1. Real Time Dashboard

  • Our VMS dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all visitors on your premises, including expected visitors, checked-in visitors, and checked-out visitors.
  • Each visitor's photo is also displayed, making it easy to identify them.
  • The dashboard is updated in real-time, so you can always see the latest information about your visitors.

2. Easy check-in/check-out

  • The user-friendly visitor management dashboard allows visitors to be checked in or checked out with just one click, making the process quick and efficient.
  • This feature saves you time
  • Give your visitors a positive experience
  • Helps in building a brand reputation
Gate Pass Features

3. Appointments

  • With OneStop VMS, appointments can be scheduled in advance, which saves time and ensures a smoother check-in process

4. Streamlined Security

  • A visitor management system ensure the security of your workplace by verifying visitors and keeping track of who is on your premises.
  • The system also alerts staff to potential security risks, allowing you to take proactive steps to maintain the safety of your premises.

5. Efficiency

  • Digital visitor management system streamlines the check-in and check-out process, reduces wait times and improving overall efficiency. So, better visitor experience and improved productivity for your staff.

6. Convenience

  • A visitor management system make things convenient for visitors by allowing them to pre-register online or sign in using a self-service kiosk
  • The system also automatically send notifications to hosts when their visitors arrive, making it easier to manage their schedule

7. Notifications

  • Online visitor pass software notifies employees when their visitors arrive. Hence reduces wait time and improves the overall visitor experience

8. Contractor management

  • A visitor management system can help manage contractors by verifying their identity and tracking their activity on your premises.

9. Digital Badge

  • Digital badges are issued to visitors, hence easy to identify them
  • Also, ensures visitors have access to the appropriate areas of your facility only

10. Reports

  • Reports can be generated on visitor activity, allowing you to track trend,visitor traffic, peak hours, and other valuable data that can inform business decisions

Benefits of visitor management software

Enhanced security: With features like visitor screening, and access control management, visitor management software can significantly enhance the security of a business.

Streamlined check-in process: The software digitizes the check-in process, making it faster and easier for visitors to sign in. Hence reduces the workload on front desk or security staff.

Better visitor experience: By streamlining the check-in process, providing digital badges, and automating notifications to hosts, visitor management software can enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Compliance:The VMS helps businesses comply with regulations and requirements related to visitor management, such as record-keeping and data privacy.

Data and analytics: Visitor management software can provide valuable data and analytics, including visitor traffic, check-in times, and demographics, which can help businesses make more informed decisions and improve their operations.

Improved employee safety: By tracking visitor information and monitoring activity, visitor management software can help ensure employee safety.

Workflow of OneStop Digital visitor management system

1. Visitor check-in: Visitor/guest can simply enter their name and details on the gate pass app (available on both IOS & Android app). In case the visitor doesnt have app, the printed QR / digital badge can be taken from reception.

2. Digital badges: Once the visitor's details are captured, a digital badge is generated containing their name, reason for their visit, and image. This makes it easy for employees to identify visitors and allows them to move around the facility with ease.

3. Employee notifications: The visitor management system automatically alerts employees when their visitor arrives, which ensures a warm and professional welcome.

4. Submit feedback & check-out: When the visit is over, the visitor can easily check-out with a single tap on the check-out button. This will automatically record their check-out time and ask for their feedback, ensuring a smooth and efficient exit process.

What’s Unique About OneStop Visitor Management System?

OneStop has an application Gate Pass Management System that allows for the online input of guests, vehicles, and materials entering and exiting the business premises.

In a plant, industry, or office, manually recording visitor information or monitoring material shipments takes time, effort, and paperwork. With One Stop Visitor Management Software, you can effortlessly do away with these paper logs and maintain a complete record of the cars, guests, and materials.

The Visitor Management System can produce returnable and non-returnable gate passes. The record of awaiting returnable information is accessible through the visitor management system, which tracks the initial gate pass transaction whenever it issues a returnable gate pass.