School Visitor Management System | Digital Sign-in Gate Pass

Welcome to the next generation of school visitor management system.

In-OUT Gatepass

Streamline and Safeguard Your School's Visitor Experience

Welcome to the next generation of school visitor management system. Onestop cutting-edge Visitor Management Software offers a seamless, user-friendly visitor experience that streamlines the process of issuing and monitoring gate passes for visitors,students, staff and other contrators/ vendors.

OneStop Visitor Gate Pass System has a suite of features, designed to enhance safety, security, efficiency, and convenience od schools. It is the best choice for schools looking to modernise and optimise their gate pass management. Onestop School Visitor Management (Gate Pass) Software understands the importance of maintaining a safe and secure enviornment and create a welcoming experience for students, staff, and visitors in schools.

So, forget about paper sign-in logbooks and outdated registration systems. Now visitor to the school can check in using our easy-to-use visitor management system. It helps school administrators maintain a digital record that includes the time, day, and reason for the visitors visit. It too allow to track visitors in real-time and keep a historical record secure in the cloud whenever you need it.

Features of Visitor Management System for School

Digital Gate Passes for Visitors (Students / Staffs / Contactors/ Vendors etc)

  • Go paperless with Digital Gate Passes. Onestop VMS makes the process of issuing, tracking and managing gate passes effortless and eco-friendly
  • Keeps school environment safe & secure. The Digital Passes are protected by unique QR codes and passcodes, ensuring only authorized access
  • The Instant Gate Pass Generation feature allows for quick and easy issuance of digital passes

Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring

  • Real-time Tracking and monitoring capabilities, includes Instant notifications for gate pass issuance, access and expiration
  • The Comprehensive Reporting features offers valuable insights into student gate pass trends and usage

Flexible Access Control

  • Customize access permissions to control who can issue, manage, and access gate passes
  • Role-based access control ensures only authorized individuals can issue and manage passes
  • Permissions based on user roles such as administrators, teachers, and security personnel

Seamless Integration

  • Onestop Visitor Management System for Schools can be easily integrated with other party hardwares and sofwtares

Benefits of School Visitor Management System

Enhances School Security and Safety

  • School Visitor management system enhances campus security and safety
  • Prevents unauthorized access and security breaches
  • Ensures a safe learning environment for students and staff

Streamline Visitor Check-in Process

  • Automates visitor check-in process
  • Visitor information is captured and badges are printed
  • Saves time and reduces errors
  • Allows staff to focus on other tasks

Customization Options for Schools

  • The system can be customized to match the school's guidelines, policies and even branding.

Easy Tracking of Visitor Activity and Data

  • Visitor management systems enable easy tracking of visitor activity and data
  • Schools can use the data to identify risks, improve security measures, and track visitor behavior over time.

Real-Time Reporting

  • VMS provides real-time reports of visitor activity
  • Also includes a list of current sign-ins and access details
  • Offers trend graphs and records of school faculty and staff check-in check-out
  • Supports monitoring visitor flow across multiple school locations
  • Helps schools manage security measures more easily

Workflow of OneStop School Visitor Management System

For Parents, & Other Visitors

at Checkpoint

  • Visitors (Parents, Contractors, vendors) will be registered in to onestop vms by security guard at the main entry point of the facility
  • The form requires visitors to provide their name, phone number, ID proof, and the name of the person they wish to meet.
  • In case visitors need to meet students some additional details need to be added like

1. Name of Student, Class / Hostel No / Room No. of student

2. Relation with student

3. Purpose of meeting

4. In & Out Time

Image Capture

  • Visitor&'s photo is captured and verified, and stored in the cloud based software for easy access when needed

Notification to Host

  • Onestop visitor management system automatically notifies the host of the visitor's arrival
  • The host can approve / disapprove the visitor's details. For entering the school facility, host must approve it. This added layer of security ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed inside

ID Badge Printed

  • Once approved, an ID badge is printed or generated in the app and the same will be sent to visitors phone on whataspp/ sms message as OTP/ code / badge. This helps in easy navigation, future reference, and seamless storage of visitor data

Students Gate Pass (Dayscholars / Hostellers)

Students exiting the school premises need to be issued an outpass by Hostel Incharge / School Administrator. The student gate pass helps to keep record of students in/out information. For this

1. Go to Student Gate Pass

2. Create student gate pass

3. Enter following information

  • Student information : Hostel Name, Room no and Name of Student
  • In/Out date : select date of month when student will move out/in accordingly
  • In/Out time
  • Reason of going out
  • Leaving with whom : Name of person with whom student is leaving
  • Permitted by : name of person who gave permission for going out
  • Actual In Details : present time or date

4. Click on Save

5. Right click on record and click on print to generate student's gate pass or get it vis sms or whatsapp

What’s Unique About OneStop School Visitor ManagementSystem?

Future perspective - Onestop School Gate Pass System is a smart technology solution that has the potential to be widely adopted by educational institutions in the near future

Smooth Campus Management - Our tool enables seamless management of campus migration, providing you with a hassle-free experience

Workload Reduction / Reduces Pressure - Automates the entire directory process, reducing work pressure on employees

Easy Record Keeping - VMS easily maintain records and access them when needed

User-Friendly Interface - OneStop School Visitor Gate Pass System has a user- friendly interface, making it easy for users to utilize its capabilities

Time Management - Our software eliminates the need for manual bookkeeping, automating the recording and summarizing of data, saving you valuable time

Reliable - The School Visitor Management System is cloud based and quite reliable

Secure Data - All data is continuously backed up, ensuring complete data security and guarantee

Customizable - School Visitor Management software is highly customizable, and features can be easily added or modified to meet specific needs.