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About Onestop HRMS (Human Resource Management Software)

Onestop HRMS is your all-in-one HR hero. It helps you ditch the scattered spreadsheets and manual processes. The intuitive software streamlines everything from onboarding and payroll to performance management and employee engagement, all under one user-friendly roof.

Onestop HRMS empowers you in crafting the workplace you've always envisioned. Build comprehensive employee profiles, nurture talent with seamless learning modules, and foster a culture of open communication with intuitive feedback tools. Watch how engagement soars as your employees feel valued and heard.

HCM software automate workflows, generate insightful reports with a click, and assures you're always on top of regulations. It make your team's free and leave them with energy to focus on what truly matters - building a happy, productive workforce that drives your business forward.

And importantly it is Affordable, scalable, and endlessly customizable, Onestop HRMS adapts to your unique needs, whether you're a growing startup or a seasoned enterprise.

So, stop juggling and start thriving. Take control of your HR, empower your people, and watch your dream workplace become reality. Choose Onestop HRMS, and let the magic of simplified HR work its wonders.

Benefits of Onestop HR Software

  • All-in-one solution: Onestop Cloud Based HR software is a comprehensive HR solution that covers all your HR needs, from employee data management to payroll and compliance.
  • Easy to use and customize:  It’s user-friendly and can be adapted to the specific needs of your business.
  •  Affordable: The HR software is competitively priced, making it a good value for businesses of all sizes (Startups/ SMB’s, MSME’s & Large Enterprises)
  • Go Paperless:  The software helps you eliminate paper from your HR processes, saving you time and money.
  •  Compliant: Onestop HR software helps you stay compliant with all relevant labor laws and regulations.


Managing spreadsheets & looking at the insights of the employee database is not an easy task.

With Onestop HR Management Software you own the software & can manage all tasks with ease as per organizations need.

The HRMS reduces the burden on HR and increases productivity of your staff. The Core HR Module of Onestop HRMS, provides

1. Centralized Employee Database

2. Self Service Portal to Employees

3. Insights on Employee Data in Reports

4. Well Defined HR Workflows

5. Access Rights

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Onestop HR Management Software (HRMS)

Onestop HRMS - Core HR Features

Configure Company

Create Organization Structure

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Assigns Rights & Permissions

Manage Employee Database

Automate HR Workflows

Create HR Handbook

Configure Company / Companies

In Onestop HRMS, you have the option to configure company or multiple companies with a single username, password.

For Single Organization

1. Add Company name, address, mail, phone no, country of operation & time zone

2. Customize company logo as per the recommended dimensions

3. Your basic company setup is done & next is setting up organization structure

Note- Person who creates account will be treated as super admin. Later on he can shift these rights can be transferred

For Multiple Organizations

The multiple organizations can be added from the same dashboard under manage organization by selecting add organization

1. Add your Organization's name, portal name, preferred time zone, and other details

2. Click Save and Continue and your organization is added

Create Organization Structure

Under the organization structure you can configure your organization's hierarchy and maintain the data of multiple companies. The organization structure settings can be done under location, departments, designation etc. It will help you

1. Classify entities within your organization

2. Show interdependencies among various departments & divisions

3. Will help in Payroll Management

Features of Onestop Core HR – Create Organization Hierarchy

1. Departments & Divisions can be well defined and shows interdependencies within companies

2. Employees can be tagged under these heads

3. Specific roles & responsibilities can be tagged to organization & department

4. The organization hierarchal structure including employees can be viewed or downloaded when required

Access Rights & Permissions

Security & Privacy of employee’s database is a prior importance of organization. So, you can give access rights & permissions at various levels.

1. The role-based access rights will control access to employee database. It ensures that only authorized personnel can view the information based on their designated roles and specific requirements

2. The access rights can be to edit / view data at various level such as at data level, page level etc.

Define Roles & Responsibilities

In Onestop HRMS, you can define employee roles with responsibilities as per your organization. This will eliminate duplicity in the database.

1. Data access rights & permissions too can be laid as per roles & responsibilities of employees

Manage Employee Database

Onestop HRMS acts as a complete Employee Directory. It improves organizations performance, productivity and helps in making informed decisions anytime from anywhere.

The employee database management system is user friendly as you can bulk import your employees’ database in csv. or excel format or can add employees one by one.

1. Database fields can be customized as per organizations needs

2. Employee Database is centralized, completely secured & shielded

3. Workforce can be classified via locations, departments or job roles

4. Onestop’s, Employees Self Service Portal in HCM empower employees to add or edit their information. Hence reducing errors, redundancy, and administrative burden.

5. Reports help you easily extract necessary employee information as and when required

Automate HR Workflows

The HR Workflow automation in HRMS will lead to more accountability, transparency, and increased process improvements. Workflows can be directly created in the software or it can be easily integrated with third party apps for smooth HR operations.

Some of the HR Workflows which can be automated are:

1. Sending onboarding educational material & resources to a new joinee

2. Employee addition to Payroll Software, after being added in HRMS

3. Automatic offboarding formalities

4. Collecting feedback from the employees who have left the organization

5. Customizing training programs

Create HR Handbook

Create HR Handbook of organization in Onestop HRMS / HCM. Organizations Handbook acts as a complete source of information for the employees. HR Handbook can include

1. History, mission, vision, values

2. Overview of policies specific to the organization

3. Expectations from employees and what employees can expect from the organization

4. Employment and policy-related information which employees need to know

5. Legal obligations as an employer and employees' rights

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