Onestop Online Attendance Management Software

Its keeps track of your Employees Attendance & Leaves & Lets your HR be more Productive.


The cloud based, Online Attendance System

Regularizes Attendance

1. Empowers your onsite and offsite employees to check in from anywhere

2. Helps employees to manage shifts and schedules

3. Automates employees’ paydays, offs, holidays etc.

4. Makes Payroll calculation easier

5. Generates Insightful Reports like employees absent trends

6. Can be Integrated with Biometric or various APIs

Access HRMS
Attendance Management System

Features of Onestop Attendance Management System

Check in / Check out

Leave Management

Weekly off & Holidays

Configure Pay Period & Calculate Paid Days

Shift Scheduling

Overtime & Compulsory Off

Flexible User Based Settings

Generate Reports

Raise Requests for Regularization

Check In / Check out

Onestop Attendance Management Software can track attendance from office premises, remote location or from home.

1. Geotagging & Geo tracking features available

2. Provides accessibility of marking attendance from web or mobile app

Leave Management

Online Attendance System lets you configure all types of leaves – Paid Leaves, Sick Leaves, Casual Leaves etc., as per your organizations HR Policies.

1. Full Customization of leaves & carry forward rules

2. Flexible leave encashment rules

3. Flexible leave rule creation for different locations

4. Multi level leave approval

Weekly Off & Holidays

Onestop Attendance Management software lets u add weekly offs & holiday calendar for various locations.

1. Restricted and floating holidays will help employees plan their leaves in advance. Hence better workforce management

2. Holiday Calendar for multiple locations can be added easily in a single click

Overtime & Compulsory Off

Attendance Software helps in calculating and tracking accurate overtime hours as per organization's policies.

1. Configuration of approval workflows and approval policies

2. Overtime limits and compulsory offs too can be configured priory

Shift Scheduling

Online Attendance System or employee attendance tracker offers the flexibility to manage rosters i.e.helps in configuring and customizing multiple shifts according to business requirements.

1. Onestop Attendance Software also offers shift rotation feature. It enables users to seamlessly switch and rotate between different shifts based on their requirements and organizational policies.

Configure Pay Cycle & Calculate Paid Days

The attendance management software let’s you configure pay period cycles and pay period for various locations. It too automatically calculates paid days by taking into account leaves taken and weekly offs within the month.

1. Onestop’s integrated attendance management system ensures precise payroll

2. Systems timely attendance processing, ensure no delays

Flexible User Based Settings & Permissions

Onestop HRMS – attendance management system can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. The attendance settings can be configured to collect data.

The permissions option will enable the admin to view attendance reports, remaining time, and allow or deny certain features, such as web check-ins.

Generate Reports & Gather Insights

The attendance software provides you the attendance & leave summary of your organization. Observe trendsand gain insights of your teams, departments, and locations attendance and work hours.

Raise Requests for Regularization

Seeing the trends and insights of employees attendance & absenteeism, regularization request can be raised by the HR manager.

Why Onestop Attendance Management System for Small, Medium & Large Enterprises?

Onestop’s Attendance tracker is ideal for all workplaces. It tracks the presence & absence of employees at workplace. The system ensures employees are showing up and spends scheduled hours at work, which further helps in timely payroll.

The software is :-

1. Cost Effective – With Onestop attendance management system in place, companies can save lots of time and money; which they had been spending on capturing employee’s attendance, absenteeism and payrolls.

2. Improves Efficiency – Attendance System improves the efficiency of HR department by automating the time-consuming processes.

3. Ensures Compliance with Labor Laws – Onestop Employee attendance management system ensures organizations comply with labor laws by accurately tracking employee attendance and working hours.

4. Enhances Productivity – The insights and reports of attendance management system can help organizations in improving employee productivity

5. Easily Accessible – Onestop Cloud based web and app interface makes it accessible for all employees. Also, HR manager can manage their workforce and insights in real time from anywhere anytime

6. Provides Data Analysis & Insights – Insights from attendance management system can help organizations identify trends of absenteeism, patterns of work or day offs, areas of improvement which can help organization in making informed decisions and finding areas of improvement.

7. Easy Integration – Onestop Attendance Management System can be easily integrated with Biometric Attendance Machines and other thirdparty APIs